Card Actions

Learn the different actions you take take on each card

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There are many actions you can take with your cards once you've added them to your board.

Contextual Menus

There are three contextual menus that can be used with the cards

The first is the left-click menu on a single card. To select a single card, simply left-click on a card. The options that are presented on the contextual menu vary depending on the card type.

Menu for a single-selected color card

For a color card there are 5 options, Edit, Details, Duplicate, Comment and Delete.

Make the Dot - Contextual Menu

The details of a card give you the relevant information about that card

Make the Dot - Card Details

Duplicating a card will give you an exact copy of that card.

Menu for a single-selected text card

For a text card there are 8 options. Bold, Italic, Underline, Font, Font Size, Duplicate, Comment and Delete. For more details on text styling, read this article.

Make the Dot - Text Contextual Menu

Menu for a single-selected image card

Finally, for an image card there are 5 options, Details, Duplicate, Comment, Download and Delete.

Make the Dot - Contextual Menu

Menu for a multi-selected cards

The next is the left-click menu for multiple cards the context menu gives you 3 options, Duplicate, Spread Out and Delete. The spread-out option will equally space out all the selected cards in a linear grid fashion

Make the Dot - Contextual Menu
Make the Dot - Multi select

Finally we have the right-click menu on either single or multiple cards which will allow you to move your card(s) forwards or backwards on the canvas

Make the Dot - Moving cards forwards and backwards


Located in the board header menu are the undo/redo buttons, which do exactly as they sound, undo will undo the last steps you have taken on your canvas and redo will put those steps back. Alternatively the keyboard shortcuts ctrl / command + z and shift + command + z perform the same function.

Make the Dot - Undo and Redo

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