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Pictures are great, but sometimes you need words and text to help tell your story.

That's where our text feature comes in.

With multiple fonts, sizes and formatting, this function gives you the ability to tell your story and highlight key themes within your fashion moodboard.

Read below to learn how to use this function.

How to create a text card

Click on the Text icon on the toolbar and then click on the canvas where you want the text card to appear and enter your text. Simply click anywhere else on the canvas to complete

Once you've typed the text, you can style it in 4 different ways:

  • Change the font: you can change the font to any one of the pre-populated font families to better suit the idea you're trying to express.

  • Change the font size: between size 18 - 240.

  • Change the font style: highlight a specific part of the text or the whole text and make it Bold, Italic, or Underlined by selecting either B, I, or U on the text editor.

πŸ’‘ Keyword Shortcuts: Command (on Mac) or CTRL (on Windows) + B / I / 
U is a faster way to achieve the same styling

If there is text that you'd like to add to the board but cannot style it to your needs, feel free to tell us your styling requirements here.

How to edit a text card

Double-clicking on the text card will enter edit mode and allow you to change the text within

A single click will open the contextual menu that will allow you to change the styling, duplicate the card and also delete it entirely.

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