Using Keyboard shortcuts

Learn which keyboard shortcuts can be used on your boards

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Make the Dot exists to save you time, as such we've introduced the below keyboard shortcuts to cut down on your clicks even further.

What it does

Keyboard Shortcut


Command / Ctrl + C


Command / Ctrl + V

Duplicate card

Command / Ctrl + D

Select All

Command / Ctrl + A

Delete selected cards

Delete / Backspace





Pan around the canvas

Spacebar / holding down mousewheel

Zoom in

Command / Ctrl and +

Zoom out

Command / Ctrl and -

Multi-select / deselect

Shift + Left click on a card

Bring to front


Send to back


Bring forward

Command / Ctrl + ]

Send backward

Command / Ctrl + [

Zoom to fit

Command / Ctrl + 0


Command / Ctrl + Z

Redo (Mac)

Shift + Command + Z

Redo (Windows)

Control + Y

Changing the position of the selected card

Any arrow keys

Move artboard

Command / Ctrl + Left click on an artboard

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