Enable public read-only access to a board

Share your board with external viewers

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Make the Dot allows you to share a read-only version of your board publicly so that anyone with the link can view your content, even if they don’t have a Make the Dot account.

Enable public read-only access

  1. Click Share at the top right of the editor.

  2. Toggle Create shared link on.

  3. The board URL link is automatically copied to the clipboard

  4. Hit Ctrl / Command + V to paste the link and share it with your collaborator

  5. The person receiving your link will see a read-only board that looks similar to this.

Note that people who click the link can view the content of your board, but are not able to edit your content or leave any comments. If you would like to allow them to comment or make any other edits, invite them as an editor instead.

💡 Wanna see how your board looks before sharing it with external collaborators? Simply paste your public link in a a browser tab to check!
New Tab > Paste the link and hit Enter

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