Share your board and invite collaborators

Share your board with a reviewer who can view your board and an editor who can view, comment and edit your board

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Quick Concept

The user who initially creates the board is known as the Owner of the board. Any user(s) who is then invited to the very same board to edit is known as the Editor(s) of the board.

Invite an Editor

An Editor is a type of user who has viewing, commenting and editing permission to the specific board(s) that they have been invited to.

To invite an editor to your private board:

  1. Click Share from the canvas or the ... icon from the Main Menu

  2. Enter the email address(es) of the editor(s) you would like to invite and click Invite to add them.

  3. If you would like to invite multiple people, simply use a comma , to separate the email address

  4. Once you have added the editor(s), they will appear on the list underneath.

The editor will receive an email notification like the one below with a link to your board (if they already have a Make the Dot account), or a link to activate their Make the Dot account before arriving on your board.

As an editor, you can access all the board(s) that you have been invited to on the Main Menu. Your invited boards will also appear on the browser extension for you to save images to. You will have the same functionality as the owner of the board except for the ability to remove other editors or the owner of the board.

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