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Drag and drop to upload images in Make The Dot

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Fashion creators, we hear you πŸ₯³

You have countless images, design sketches and other saved content on your desktop.

Through the years, through the travels and through the scrolling of thousands of websites you've built up a library collection a museum would be proud of.

You've done the hard part. Now learn how to add all that content onto your fashion moodboard in just a few clicks.

The quickest way to add images to your board is via our Browser Extension

Drag and drop an image

If you want to add your own image, the easiest way to add it is to drag it directly from your device and drop it onto your board.

  • Navigate to the board you want to edit.

  • Open the folder on your computer or the page in your browser that contains the image you want to add.

  • Click and hold the file, drag it onto your board, and release.

Make the Dot - Upload your images to create fashion moodboard

Upload your own media from your computer

Click the Upload button on the toolbar.

Select a JPG, JPEG, JPE, JFIF, JIF, PNG, WEBP, BMP, HEIC, or HEIF file. The file size limit is 10MB and you can upload 50 files at a time. Click Open, and your image will be displayed on your board.

πŸ’‘ Hold down the Command key (on Mac) / Ctrl key (on Windows) on your
keyboard to select multiple images.

If there are other file formats that you like to upload to your board, suggest the feature here and give us an example of what that file might be.

Copy and paste from an external site

You can bring in content from another site or another board by copying and pasting directly from one to another.
To copy from an external site: -

  1. Click on the image(s) that you wish to copy then use the copy keyboard shortcut Ctrl C (Windows) Command C (Mac)

  2. Use the paste keyboard shortcut, Ctrl V (Windows) Command V (Mac), to paste the cards onto the board.

Copy and paste from one board to another

To copy from one board to another:-

  1. Select all the cards that you want to copy across by multi-selecting them. This can be done by either dragging around the cards in question which will select them all or by clicking on each card individually whilst holding down the Ctrl key (Windows) or the Command key (Mac).

  2. Then use the copy keyboard shortcut Ctrl C (Windows) Command C (Mac).

  3. Close that board and open the board you want to copy to from the board menu.

  4. Use the paste keyboard shortcut, Ctrl V (Windows) Command V (Mac), to paste the cards onto the board.

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