How to use Artboards

How do I use Artboards in the application?

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Organizing your content has never been easier than with the artboard feature.

Creating an artboard

To add an artboard to your canvas select the artboard option from the side menu and then select the type of artboard that you'd like to add. The artboard will be placed to the top left of your current view.

Adding cards to an Artboard

Adding cards to an Artboard is easy. Simply select your card or group of cards and drag them onto the board. The board will highlight in purple to show you which Artboard the cards will be attached to.

Removing cards from an Artboard

To remove a card from an artboard click on the card or cards you wish to move and then drag them from the Artboard onto the canvas.

Moving an Artboard

To move an artboard you need to select it by clicking in the top left corner, where it says 'Select to move' or by clicking on any of the borders of the Artboard. Once selected keep the mouse button held down and it can be dragged around the canvas like a card. Release the button to drop the Artboard where you want it to be.

Resizing an Artboard

You can resize your Artboard by dragging on any of the border anchors of the Artboard. Note that when resizing an Artboard only the Artboard is resized, any card attached to the Artboard will be unaffected. If you reduce your Artboard so that the currently attached cards are no longer in the frame, the cards will remain attached until the Artboard is deselected.

Rotating an Artboard

You can rotate your Artboard from Portrait to landscape and vice versa by click on the Rotate Artboard button from the context menu.

Exporting an Artboard

You can export your Artboard, or a number of Artboards by clicking on the Export Artboard button in the context menu. You can either export as a PNG file or as a PDF. If you choose multiple Artboards to export then the export will automatically arrange your Artboards in the PDF based on their position versus the top left of the canvas. If exporting multiple Artboards as a PNG then they will exported as a zip file.

To select multiple Artboards hold down the CTRL key whilst clicking on the Select Artboard option.

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