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Make the Dot Troubleshooting
Make the Dot Troubleshooting
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Guide on using Make the Dot on Brave browser

If you are using Brave to access Make the Dot you will need to ensure that you disable Brave Shields in order for the features to work correctly.

This can be done by changing the toggle in the Brave Shields setting to off.

1. The settings can be accessed by clicking on the Brave icon at the end of the address bar

2. And then clicking the toggle from UP to DOWN

Guide on using Make the Dot on Firefox browser

If you are using Firefox to access Make the Dot then you will need to change some default settings in order for the copy and paste functionality to operate correctly.

1. Firstly type about:config in the browser address bar.

2. That will then display the below page

3. Click on the Accept the Risk and Continue button to proceed and then click on the show all button.

4. You will then be presented with many different setting options. Use the search option at the top of the page (your cursor will default there) and change the below settings to true.

5. Finally hit the back button which will return you to your session

Browser Setting for Chrome Extension regarding log in

When using the browser extension in Chrome and you are not logged into your boards, you need to ensure that you have the extension setting set to This can read and change site data On all sites for the login panel to appear on the right.

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