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Billing Information

How billing and subscriptions work in Make the Dot

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Wanting to know how much Make the Dot costs and what you get for your dollars? Well, then you've come to the right place.

Make the Dot has 2 tiers of pricing currently, there's the Starter Version which is free and the Pro Version which is USD20 per month.

The Starter Version allows you to access all the features of Make the Dot at no cost. That's right, every feature is included for free! However, you are limited to the number of cards you can have on your boards which stands at 60. You'll be able to see the total number of cards you have across all your boards in the header section of any of those boards.

Once you reach the maximum amount of cards then you will no longer be able to perform any actions on the canvas beyond viewing and deleting. Once under the 60 cards again everything will be unfrozen. Alternatively, you can click on the upgrade button and once you've upgraded to the Pro Version your card count is unlimited.

To upgrade you can either click on the upgrade button on your canvas header menu or you can click on the billing tab on the Settings page.

There are two paid options for you to subscribe to, either monthly at USD12 per month or yearly at USD108 per year, a huge 25% saving.

What if I want to cancel?

If you decide you want to cancel then you can do so by accessing the Billing page via Settings. You will retain full access until the end of your billing cycle, whether monthly or yearly.

How do I access my invoice?

If you need to access your invoice this can be done by going into settings, clicking on the billing tab and then on the Manage My Subscription button.

That will open the subscription page which will allow you to change your payment method, billing information, and at the bottom of the page, view and download all your invoices.

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