Key changes

We are releasing a brand new canvas to enable more capabilities that we can bring to your design workflow. Here are the key changes happening in your workspace:

1. Grid canvas to free-form canvas

We created a free-form canvas that allows you to move cards around freely with more control over how to layer and resize images. You can also easily multi-select cards by clicking on the canvas to draw a selection box around cards or holding down the shift key while selecting cards.

This is also an infinite canvas which gives you a lot more space to work with than before. There are several options for you to zoom in and out of the canvas, either via the menu on the top right corner or simply using two fingers to pinch your trackpad to zoom. For more information on each of the specific functionality on the canvas, please refer to other articles in the Help Center.

2. Group and filter features are going away

The group and filter features will not be available in the new canvas, as we will be building new enhanced ways to allow you to organize content within the board, including an Artboard feature to allow you to create frames for grouping cards and exporting board content into specific sizes, as well as a Tagging feature to easily cluster cards by tags. We will bring back the filtering capability once the Tagging feature is in place.

3. Collaborator roles will be changed from reviewer to editor

The available role you can invite to your board will be changed from the reviewer (who can read and comment) to an editor (who can add new cards, edit, and comment). In the future, we will introduce more permission controls to allow you to specify who can edit and who can only read the board.

For now, we created this editor role because we released a brand new feature we are calling - "multiplayer". It allows you and your editors on the board to see exactly what each other is editing and clicking on in real-time. Imagine having a zoom call while having your board open, you can get design feedback and approval done with ease, without needing to constantly refresh your page to see the up-to-date changes.

Multiplayer editing on the Make the Dot canvas

Given that this editor is a new role, we have not automatically converted your existing reviewers to editors. If you wish to share your existing boards with them as editors, simply go into your workspace, either on the Main Menu or on the board, click Share and enter their email addresses, and then Invite.

Once your editors install the browser extension, your shared board(s) will also show up on their extension. As a team, you will be able to add content to the same board simultaneously.

4. URLs for public board will have a different format

The URL links for public boards generated before 13 Feb 2023 will not work anymore. To share the board publicly again, simply go to into your workspace, either on the Main Menu or on the board, click Share, and turn on Public Access. The new public shared link will be generated and copied.

5. Your existing data will be migrated over but the sequence of the cards might be changed

All your existing boards and cards (images, texts, and color cards) will all be migrated to the new canvas. However, there might be changes in the sequence of the cards so if you wish to export the existing sequence and layout, please do so before 13 Feb 2023.

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