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Copy or move your content across different boards

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This feature helps you easily manage all your fashion inspirations across different boards by copying or moving them.

Here's how you copy cards from one board to another

  1. Select all the cards that you want to copy across by multi-selecting them. This can be done by either dragging around the cards in question which will select them all or by clicking on each card individually whilst holding down the Ctrl key (Windows) or the Command key (Mac).

  2. Then use the copy keyboard shortcut Ctrl C (Windows) Command C (Mac).

  3. Close that board and open the board you want to copy to from the board menu.

  4. Use the paste keyboard shortcut, Ctrl V (Windows) Command V (Mac), to paste the cards onto the board.

Top tip! This feature might be helpful when you have a master 
board that contains your library of images.
You might then want to copy a select number of these images to a separate board that you're working on for the new collection.

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