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Suggest a feature or report a bug
Suggest a feature or report a bug

Include helpful information when reporting bugs or requesting features.

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Need a different / new feature?

Check out our public feature request board to see if someone else has already suggested the feature you’re thinking of. If you add your vote you will be notified about any status changes. You can also add comments to let us know more details about the functionality you’re looking for. We’re very interested to know:

  • What exactly are you trying to do? What is your desired outcome?

  • What is your current workflow or process to achieve this?

  • What is your use case in which this feature would help you?

To suggest a new feature, please enter a feature name and a short description on the left side of the page, and click Create post. You can add a comment with more details after creating your post. We regularly review this information to prioritize and build new features!

💡 Both feature request and bug report boards are integrated with our messenger. Click the Help bubble in Make the Dot and you’ll be able to review features, vote or add comments, and add new ideas right there.

Of course, you can also reach out to us through the messenger or via email and share any other improvement suggestions. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Found a bug?

If you’re experiencing an issue please get in touch with us through the messenger or via email to and let us know about that bug. Helpful information to include:

  • What steps did you take before you experienced the issue?

  • What happened, and what did you expect to happen instead?

  • If there is an error message, what does it say?

  • Which browser and which version are you using?

  • Screenshots and screen recordings are helpful for us to understand an issue.

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